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January 14, 2016 (374 Days Ago)
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With both Alpha weekends done and dusted & closed beta around the corner, we look at what’s new in the Blade & Soul NA release & a few features we can expect in closed beta

Note: This is only based off limited playing time – There may be more changes & we will add them accordingly!

Daily dash
Daily dash is basically just another way to get some extra items. As standard you get 3 spins but if you are a premium member you get a total of 5 spins per day. The item rewards include Soulstones, Valor stones, Dragon Pouches, Unsealing Charms & more.

The wardrobe is a great feature which helps you manage all doboks & adornments. It is currently only available to premium players. If we take a look at the left side of the screenshot you can see it lists all the doboks currently available in the game. It even categorizes them for you so you know which ones you are able to obtain by completing quests and which ones are only available through the Blade & Soul shop.

The right hand side shows you how everything would look on you. You are able to change the background & even see how a dobok would look like on a character of a different race.

This feature is pretty straight forward. It lists all the ‘achieving’ you can complete in game and how many achievements points you currently have. You can also gain awesome titles by completing certain feats as well as earn bonus attributes.

 Universal items
Unlike other releases of Blade & Soul, Blade & Soul NA introduced ‘universal’ items. Items such as, unsealing charms, repair hammers, keys & even fusing dust can now be used at any level. Previously they were restricted by zone – for example, if you were in the Viridian coast zone, you could only use Viridian unsealing charms, repair hammers & keys to open loot rewards, chests, repair weapons etc. The same goes for if you were in the Cinderlands or Moonwater zones.
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Fusing dust was based on level  but that too is now universal so you are able to upgrade any soul shield piece at any level using one type of dust.

 Glamor/Alter Appearance
Although already available in the Korean & Chinese versions of Blade & Soul, it is now also confirmed for the NA/EU release. This feature allows you to change the appearance of your weapon to look like another or revert it back to normal for a small fee. It works in a similar fashion to transmogrification in games like World of Warcraft. Premium players get a discount.

 What’s coming to Closed Beta?
A few features have been confirmed for closed beta and they are:

Web-based character information page
This feature also known as the sandbox in other regions will become available in the game with web based support when closed beta launches. From the screenshot below you will see everything that is available in the character info page and this includes your current stats, what soul shield you have equipped, which dobok you have on and much more!

 Web-based marketplace page
This feature functions as an upgraded version of the current auction house but has a lot more functionality. The basics are the same, you can buy, sell, bid etc but there is so much more as well. You will be able to monitor things like price trends, look at history graphs, create watch lists – this feature is almost like a stock market utility built into the game.
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