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Let me tell you exactly what is going on with this game
United States
January 15, 2016 (373 Days Ago)
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At some point I had a major break down with my PC so I decided to change mostly everything about it. These are the things that I bought;

Fans: 4 Noctua NF-F12PWM 120 mm
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB 
CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K (not OC)
Moba: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5
RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT

I will also buy an Samsung SAM 850 250GB SSD, Corsair 650-750 PSU and Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler. You don't need anything more than this game (CPU will have to be OCed of course) and it is a perfectly fine for general gaming right now in high settings, whether it is online or not. Always avoid AMD products but that is not the point of this thread so lets talk about the game itself.


Blade & Soul might as well have one of the best stories in gaming if you read it in a book but when it comes to how it said in the game, it is absolutely a passionless, Western version of "good vs bad", designed for the lowest common denominator. There is no moral ambiguity nor excitement. Things happen and appear in every single anti-climatic fashion; you talk to an NPC, you enter a specific area or a building and a cut-scene appears. There is no build-up or any immersion whatsoever; there is no mystery with the lore because you can pretty much cap in 2-3 days so all the places you have visited and the NPCs you talked to will become easily forgettable. In that respect, you cannot invest emotionally into it. You might as well skip it as a whole and no one will criticize you for missing a grand story. 

Lastly, we are still not aware though how many changes were done, how much they butchered it in comparison with the original version. 


You know these MMOrpgs where PvP is a tiny fraction of the core game? That is exactly how it is in this game. On top of that Dungeons & Raids are extremely uninspiring, dull and super ugly, as if someone did a perfect paint-job. Remember the first cave you entered for the first time? Well the game will not stop reminding you of that. It is that bad.


If you do not like Arena, you might as well "fuck off" to another MMOrpg. As simple as that. This game is all about 1v1s and if someone tells you otherwise, he is a fanboy drone. The system is designed to promote Rock-Paper-Scissors so if you dreamed of balance or outplaying your opponent keep dreaming and keep walking. 

Open-World PvP 

The only reason aka Instanced-PvP (it is restricted to an area and an island) exists is to intervene with PvE progress as you need to run dailies and what not to upgrade further your gear/weapon. If you came here expecting open-world PvP like in Aion, Lineage and Black Desert with sieges and ganking, tactics and element of surprise, depth and complexity, you might as well call it a day.


Loading - It is like this game was build on Lego. Everything you do has a fucking loading screen multiple times, over and over again. The first thing you should do before even playing the game is to get an SSD. 
In-game Gates - What the actual fuck.
Customization (keybindings, add-ons, UI scaling) - Anti-player choice and non-existent.

There are a trillion things to call out this game but you get the point; it is a typical Asian MMOrpg that embraces all the flaws of a 2000 theme park. If your expectations are high for this game, I would seriously advice you to drop them as low as possible and keep your head intact. Blade & Soul is all about combat and boobs. But the biggest issue this game has at the moment is actually being able to play it.

CBT - Every single CBT has performed worse than the other and CBT5 by far has exceeded even the most cynical expectation. This whole "testing" reminded me of how it was with ArcheAge and all of you that have tested that game can remember what a trash experience it was. 

Performance - If you ever wondered what is like to play an MMOrpg with AMD CPU and then with an Intel, in this game it is the opposite but with GPU; We know that the Nvidia GTX 900 series are guaranteed to have insane FPS drops. Anecdotal evidence suggests that older GPUs ranging from the 600 and 800 series are outperforming the newer ones by a longshot and I am talking about actual and significant FPS improvement. There are also rumors that NA CBT was more optimized both in performance and ping than the EU but I can definitely vouch for EU's ping being unacceptable even if it was ranging from 30 to 60ms; I would take a solid, smooth and stable 100ms ping than one with noticeable lag, freezes and rubber banding in a heartbeat. You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

At this point no one knows what the fuck is going on with this game. What we do know is that this client is atrociously unoptimized. Another thing we do know is that it is will not be optimized at launch and on top of that this game still uses DX9 with no one being certain when we will get DX11 (apparently "the devs have stated they're working on game performance with upcoming patches for dx12 and windows 10 compat"). Players will keep telling you that it is "Fine", "I never had an issue", "I played this game at max settings with 60fps locked" and it is up to you if you want to believe bullshit statements. It is also up to you if you think that having a "playable" experience justifies your financial commitment to this game, from master packs to unneeded PC upgrades. It is up to you whether you want to believe that what I am telling you is the truth about the state of the game. It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day

As for me I have requested a refund and will not purchase any founder's pack. If this game at launch does run as solid and as smooth as it is with FFXIV that will be it. I can tolerance allot and can have allot of shit on my plate. but having a company shitting on my face and expecting me to wait to fix its game is out of the question. I hope for NCSoft's sake this game will be optimized as fuck on launch. 

That is all. 
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