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BnS Fashion - RP when wearing faction-specific outfits
United States
January 18, 2016 (370 Days Ago)
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Since I started following the progress of BnS I was told that the outfits you wear are just for customization purposes... just for the fashion, so to speak!

But when I tried on my brand new Crimson Legion Initiate outfit Cheap BNS Gold and stepped out of the city, I was ganked so hard by the opposing faction, the Cerulean Order.

So... there are outfits that are Buy BNS Gold actually not just for the looks, but makes you PvP flagged. And I think that sucks, because I hate PvP, but I think the outfit looks awesome!

My questions are:
- Are there areas in BnS that are "neutral ground", meaning PvP is prohibited, where wearing a faction-specific outfit won't get you attacked and killed by the opposing faction?
- Or is there a way to "glamour" a non-faction outfit into appearing like a faction-specific outfit?
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