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Founder’s Packs
United States
January 19, 2016 (369 Days Ago)
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The Disciple pack offers Buy BNS Gold great value with Head Start access on January 15, as well as unique benefits like character titles, a booster pack of consumables, extra character slots, and €30/£24 of NCoin included.

The Master Founder’s Pack is, of course, the premium choice for the discerning gamer. It includes everything from the Disciple pack, but kicks everything up a few notches, and adds exclusive-never-to-be-seen-again items on top. You’ll have Head Start on January 15 of course, but also get additional titles, a bigger booster pack of consumables, more character slots, Character Alteration vouchers, 90-days of Premium Membership (with enough Premium Points to propel you straight to Level 4), as well as €90/£72 of NCoin included.

In addition to the basic benefits and bonuses, the Master pack also includes costumes and weapon skins that are exclusive to the Master Founder’s Pack, and will never be obtainable again.

Even if you choose to just go with the Initiate pack, you’ll still get Cheap BNS Gold a few cool bonuses, and access to the game early with Head Start access on January 15.

 Premium Membership

Both the Disciple and Master Founder’s Packs come with 30- and 90-days (respectively) of Premium Membership, which provide a host of ever-increasing benefits as you level up with Premium Points. Whether you’re looking for priority login to get past launch-day queues, increased gold or XP gains, or convenience improvements like remote storage or a Wardrobe deposit, maintaining a Premium Membership and leveling up through the Hongmoon Store provide a ton of benefits. Find out more in our Premium Membership article.


If you’ve already bought a Founder’s Pack but want to upgrade, it’s easy to just pay the difference and get all the additional rewards and bonuses of the higher tiers. Find out more at Founder’s Pack Upgrades.
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