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Outfit transmutation
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January 19, 2016 (369 Days Ago)
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Back in cbt i transmuted outfits that i had and as im playing right now im wondering what outfits can you Buy BNS Gold transmute besides the ones you get from hongmoon store? Cause i have outfits in my inventory and when i try to transmute, it doesnt give me the option to select any of them

The only costumes you could salvage from the CBT were ones bought in the store (or from the Pirate Chest event thing). I believe the same is true at launch. With that being said... getting fabric will be crazy difficult 

As far as I know, it's supposed to be possible to farm fabric from those outfits. They probably did it as a way for free players to get fabric through some hard work. Getting those outfits takes some time investment, after all. You can only get them by collecting 40 insignias per outfit from fighting with Blackram Pirates or Bamboo Militiamen.

However, I didn't check this during CBT and I don't have Cheap BNS Goldheadstart, so I can't confirm right now. 

To be fair, this system works much better in the other servers because of how their cash shop works. You accumulate a version of Hongmoon coins every time you buy something with NCoin, and if you're a VIP you accumulate a certain amount each day your subscription is active. Eventually you'll have enough of these points to buy an outfit with this refilling currency(if you're a VIP), and since you didn't have to work for it all that hard it's not out of the question to salvage it. 
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