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With such products as the digital caddie and the indoor golf simulator, golfers in China are practicing the game anytime and anywhere they want.

"On a conventional golf course, you can see caddies carrying golf clubs around. But digital caddies, a pioneer of golf GPS, china electronics have shown how technology can improve golf operations," says Jin Chengfeng, a salesperson for Yongin Electronics (Tianjin) Co Ltd, which distributes the product created by Voice Caddie, a United States producer of the voice-guided GPS rangefinder.

Yongin Electronics became the sales distributor two years ago and since then, the product has been sold to about 50 golf specialty stores in China.One voice caddie costs 1,580 yuan ($256; 176 euros). Jin says more than 200 are sold a month.

"With the voice caddie, golf players can play the game without a caddie, who can sometimes be as expert as the golfers on the game. Players can just press the button and will know how far they are from the center of the green," Jin says.sdRd4E34

Although the product is not allowed in professional golf, Jin says it is very useful for golf lovers practicing the game and gives them a better understanding of their level of play.Another drawback for golfers is the long distances they must travel to a course, most of which cool gadgets are located in the suburbs of major cities. An indoor golf simulator, however, makes it possible for golfers to improve their game indoors.

"We can sell up to 200 golf simulators a year. Each costs 288,000 yuan," says Li Chaoqun, technical manager of Beijing 72 Sky Golf.With recent government policies making it tougher to build new golf courses, Li says more golfers are shifting to playing indoors. But golf simulators have just hit the market and business operators are scattered throughout China.

china electronics Unicom became the first Chinese telecom carrier to introduce Apple Inc's iPhone series on contract three years ago, and has now greatly expanded its smartphone offerings.Its smartphone prices start at around 1,000 yuan, and it offers various options, up to high-end flagship handsets such as Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4.

"We have seen accelerated 3G business growth from the beginning of this year," said Zhou Youmeng, China Unicom's marketing general manager.

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