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Group title: I came across novel cosmetic oils from the Amazon
Walking the aisles of this year's “In Cosmetics” exposition, I came across novel cheap cosmetics oils from the Amazon, fragrant essential oils from Nepal, and Kampo traditional herbal skin formulas from Japan – all prepared in forms that make them ideal for use in cosmetic, skin and hair care products. Even exotic mushrooms are being promoted for use in facial creams, to make skin young and supple.

An additional strong theme at “In Cosmetics” is the demand for sustainability. The big cosmetic companies not only want their ingredients increasingly natural, but they are demanding sourcing that follows strict guidelines of ethical trade and environmental preservation. Ingredient suppliers who haven't yet caught on to the demand for sustainable ingredients are standing in largely empty booths.

At “In Cosmetics,” what is old is new again. Plants of all kinds yield compounds that firm skin, reduce wrinkles, make hair shine, diminish cellulite, discount beauty products and enhance beauty in hundreds of ways. For you, that means cleaner, safer cosmetic and body care products, less toxic waste, and perhaps even a healthier environment in the long run. And that is a very beautiful thing.fdsfs34SX

Where once laboratory chemistry appeared to reign supreme, nature is re-establishing dominance – but with a strong scientific backup. Today's portfolios of herbal ingredients come with dossiers of scientific substantiation, charts showing their chemistry, cute camera bags and even samples as examples of how these ingredients can be formulated into finished products.

he thick, rubbery variety of hibiscus known as roselle not only makes a great-tasting tea, but scientific studies show that the extract of this deep reddish purple blossom from Burkina Fasso has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect in preparations for sensitive skin. The deep red of this plant also makes it a good natural colorant. Different from the regular ornamental hibiscus, roselle, with its thick, rubbery leaves, is now widely cultivated – specifically for inclusion in body care products.
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